Bullay – Cochem

On the left bank of the Moselle, the route takes you along idyllic wine villages, such as Bremm with its winding lanes, and past Europe’s steepest vineyard.

Star route around Trier: Route 3

On this circular route, you’ll pedal along the Moselle and Saar cycle route: from Trier, you’ll head to Saar- burg and back via Konz and Kanzem.

Schweich – Wittlich

Enjoy panoramic views from your bike in the slightly hilly landscape of the Wittlich Basin, featuring mead- ows, fields and beautiful settlements.

Luxembourg – Betzdorf – Wasserbillig

From the PC2, things will get more challenging on the PC4 ‘Piste cyclable de la Syre’, which features gorgeous panoramic views. You can get to your desti- nation via the PC3 in the Moselle Valley.

From Deutsches Eck to Bopparder Schleife

On this circular route, which starts and finishes in Koblenz, you’ll cycle in the World Cultural Heritage valley along the Rhine to Boppard, where you’ll hop on board the ferry.

Perl – Koblenz

Destined for one-day routes that really pack a punch, this route features romantic wine-growing villages, world-fa- mous vineyards and imposing castles.