Roodt-Syre – Betzdorf

Erleben Sie das 360°-Panorama auf der Haard, eine reizvolle Weiden- und Feldlandschaft und die vielen bäuerlichen Anwesen in Olingen.


This challenging route will reward you with views from the Pinnerkreuz and Hubertushöhe viewpoints, Cochem Imperial Castle and the Winneburg castle.

Treis-Karden, Moselkern

At the peak of the Moselsteig section 20 from Treis-Karden to Moselkern, you will be able to enjoy views of the picturesque Castle Eltz in the enchanted Elzbach Valley.


Half lion, half lindworm: This hike to the Tatzelwurm Cave is steeped in cultural history and will bring you closer to the mythical creature, the Tatzelwurm.

Luxembourg – Sandweiler-Contern

Follow a romantic route through the Grund district into the green Alzette Valley and then reach the new Sandweiler-Contern after hiking through the forest.

Sandweiler-Contern – Munsbach

This varied and family-friendly route near the airport connects several residential districts to the east of the capital with each other.

Munsbach – Oetrange

Hike through meadows and fields in the Syr Valley with some of the route travelling along the ancient Kiem Roman road. You can bring a buggy on this trail with you.

Munsbach – Manternach

Forests, open and varied landscapes, vineyards and the historic town of Grevenmacher are just some of the sights that you’ll see between Syr and Moselle.

Betzdorf – Manternach

After a short, steep climb, you’ll hike from the community of Berg through vast agricultural landscapes and two forested areas.


You’ll stroll through the Brautrock wine growing region and continue on up to the wine tavern ‘Uncle Tom’s Hut’, learning about wine from 16 information